my silly boys

Love these silly, crazy boys of mine!

by the book

It seems like any time I need to find Weslea, I can go into her room and find her cuddled up with the newest book she is reading.  She uses her birthday money to buy books, she gives me big-puppy-dog-eyes in stores so that I’ll buy her the newest book she’s been eyeing up, she […]

another point of view

It’s fun looking at our family in a new way!  🙂

ticklemania 2011

“Ticklemania 2011” (version 3,952) ensued in our family room tonight.  A great way to capture some fun, laughing moments!  

picking flowers

My beautiful little girl who is quickly turning into a lovely young lady.

photo challenge | let’s hear it for the boys!

This is one of my absolute favorite sports photos that I have ever taken and I think it fits in well with this week’s “Let’s Hear It For The Boys!” theme over at I Heart Faces. The steam rising from the head of the football player on the right?  Instant chills for me when I […]