I Heart Faces Photo Contest | Paper

By far, drawing is one of Wyatt’s very favorite things to do.  He doodles on scrap paper, good paper, school papers, the back of my piano music…  And he will find a place to draw wherever he might possibly be…buckled into the van, laying on the floor, sitting at the countertop, laying down on the […]

Enjoying The Game

Basketball has been a huge part of our lives over the past few months, and it’s been a lot of fun to see how all of the kids progressed with their skills this year.  And also to see their unique, individual take on how to play the sport. Of them all, I’d have to say […]


For some reason our school system has a tradition every year that the First Grade kiddos have to learn how to square dance in PE…and then they put on a big show for their parents sometime in the fall. I’m not real sure why they have this tradition.  It’s not like anyone out here ever […]

Photo Challenge: Halloween Dress-Up Fun

It’s Dress-Up week over at I ♥ Faces and I’m heading back to last year for my photo entry… And there is a special “Pets Dress-Up” category as well (Which I forgot about until just right now.  Oops!) This is the only photo of Willow that I have with her in dress-up clothes.  It was […]

Mr. Leech.

Before I get into the funny story about Wyatt from our vacation, I have to explain a little weird tradition Sweatiepy has with the kids. You see, he is the master of coming up with weird phrases that end up becoming household terms around our house. For example, whenever they would all be in the […]

My Wyatt.

Wyatt celebrated his 7th birthday last week and then also celebrated losing his second tooth this week. I’m actually not sure which event was more exciting for him. (That Tooth Fairy is pretty darn cool you know!) Celebrating a birthday in this household means that one thing is going to happen for sure that day […]