A Dog’s Life

Our puppy, who really isn’t quite a puppy any longer, has a nice little morning routine down now.  It basically consists of the following: 1| Drive the kids as crazy as possible while they are getting ready to leave for school.  Try to steal their papers, mittens, homework, hats and shoes and then eat them […]

Can We Say Passive-Aggressive?

As you may have noticed in my last post, Willow (our “puppy”) is not quite the little puppy any longer. As a matter of fact, she just celebrated her first birthday in August (during which we were in Pennsylvania on a mini-vacation and completely missed it.) With as many reservations as I had about adding […]

It’s Getting Fishy Around Here!

A new camera goodie arrived in my mailbox yesterday. And once the kids got home from school, we headed outside so that I could play with it. I fell in love…even though I still have a long way to go before I completely figure it out (Weslea’s not real enamored with her gargantuan nose!) It’s […]

Losing My Mind.

I was gone shopping most of today and when I returned home I found this “lovely” (and quite dead) thing that had mysteriously appeared on our sidewalk.. Which has made this thing go completely crazy. Which has assured that I have been slowly (but surely) losing my mind ever since.

Christmas Dreams Come True

Other than watching the excitement of our kiddos on Christmas morning, there is nothing much more fun than watching a puppy at her first Christmas. Santa was very good to Willow and brought her everything she had asked for:  a chewing bone, a chewing toy, a chewing bone, a chewing bone…and (just to spice things […]

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge: “Pets-Only”

This is my daughter, Weslea, and her puppy (before we even knew for sure that we were going to get a puppy) giving me twin puppy-dog-eye-looks.  Please, please, please, please, please, pleeeeeeezzzzzzeeee will you get me a puppy mommy???? And now the whole world knows why I gave in and gave the girl a puppy. […]