I Heart Faces | Winter Wonderland Photo Challenge

Several years ago when Weston was still in preschool, he used to tag along when my photographer friends and I would go on Photography Drives once a month.  On a cold January day that year we took off for Lake Erie and Weston and I saw something we never expected to see…   At the […]

A Boy’s Story {Fix-It Friday}

Fix-It Friday was delayed in being posted this week because I was at a school event with this little guy.  A school event that I completely forgot about until he was walking out the door and said “See you at school pretty soon Mom!!” Ack! We had great fun together though and I’m thinking the […]

I Heart Faces • “Vroom, Vroom”

I am incredibly blessed in that my kiddos sleep like rocks.  Life definitely wasn’t always like that, but now that they’ve all been sleeping through the night for quite some time they will literally sleep through anything. Thunderstorms, mom practicing the piano, the television, dogs barking outside, the vacuum cleaner… They will even sleep through […]

Be Still My Melting Heart

My baby.  My little monkey.  My ornery little booger.  My dimpled darling. This was right after he finished his “Happy Hat Dance” which consisted of him stealing Daddy’s hat while they were wrestling and then running around the house singing “I stoleded Daddy’s hat!!  I stoleded Daddy’s hat!!”I think he “stoleded” my heart. **You all […]

The King of Hilarious Outtakes

Every family has one of these little hams, right? I’m admit that all of my kids have their moments, but Weston really takes the cake when it comes to “Hilarious Outtakes” during photo sessions. My evidence?  This whole slew of photos I took literally within two minutes of each other… Proof #1: Proof #2: Proof […]

Simple Moments

At 5:00 a.m. next Wednesday morning I’ll be getting on an airplane all by my lonesome and will be flying to Dallas where I’ll finally get to see Amy for only the second time since this whole I Heart Faces adventure began over a year ago. We are both just a *little* bit excited about […]