let’s play ball!

After a busy winter of two kids playing basketball, and a hectic spring of all the kids playing soccer…we typically take the entire summer off from sports just to relax a bit, enjoy ourselves and have some fun. This summer began a new tradition though when our local girls softball team needed one more player […]

I Heart Faces Photo Contest | Self Portrait

I am completely cheating in this week’s I Heart Faces photo entry as you can see by the multiple photos below.  If you’d like to be considered as a winner, please only have one photo in your post.  Since I can’t win anyway as the co-founder of I Heart Faces, I’m totally being a cheater.  […]

“In The Orchard” Photo Challenge

My family and I are leaving at 3:00 sharp this afternoon for our family portrait session that is going to be in…an orchard.  Which is about seven hours too late for this week’s photo challenge.  *sigh* But, since the photographer is going to be the absolutely amazing and fabulous Jessica Paige (!!!!) I am able to […]

A Week of Photography Goodness

This week has been busy, busy, busy! Children’s Session:  I got to spend an evening with two of the sweetest little ones around….they were willing to do anything I asked them to do and were literally a photographer’s dream come true! Senior Girl Session: I met up with my gorgeous niece, Chelsea, for part one […]

Discovering an “Antique”

Something happened to me on Saturday that made me feel even older than I like to pretend that I’m not. While sitting through another soccer game (the story of our weekends right now) the cousins all began whispering that maybe they could talk the moms into letting them do “the spending the nights.”  We don’t […]

I Heart Faces • Photojournalism

This week’s photo challenge theme at I Heart Faces is “Photojournalism” which we defined as: Using an image (or images) to tell a story.When I think of photojournalism, I usually think of disaster relief or feeding the hungry or a missions trip or something equally dramatic. My photo story will be much less life changing…since […]