Weston is 2!

Weston is officially two today and we’ve realized that our baby is no longer a baby. Bill has to stay late at work tonight, I have school conferences and a friend’s Tastefully Simple party to go to, so we won’t really celebrate his birthday until his party on Monday night. We spent a lot of […]

Gifts from Mexico – Weslea

I also asked Weslea to pick out her favorite gift we brought from Mexico and she felt it was too hard to pick out just one! She wore her Mexican dress (that we paid way too much for!) and held her Mexican doll baby who she named “Maria.” She talked for at least five minutes […]

Day of panic…

We had a huge scare on Tuesday. We did not unpack our travel bags immediately from our trip and forgot that there were some motion sickness pills in one of the bags. I walked into the bathroom and there was Weston with an open bottle of pills…..my heart sank immediately and my brain went into […]

Welcome to theArthurClan.

I am actually writing this introduction several years after I first started blogging…but I thought it might be a good way to introduce my family and myself to any new friends who might stop by… Welcome to my online scrapbook where I write and post pictures about anything and everything that could possibly be going […]

Mother's Day Tribute – May 2009

Mother’s Day Tribute May 2009 by: my sister, Janine Scandlon We “Roth” kids were asked to do a surprise tribute to our Mom focusing on the heritage that she has passed down to us through both her actions and words. Karen June Wellman Roth was born to Howard and Junietta Wellman. She was raised in […]

I ♥ Faces Scavenger Hunt – Clue #2

Clue #2 Click on the photo to go to your next clue… This is kind of difficult so far. Do you have an idea in your mind yet?! 😉