photo challenge | pets

We now have four baby poults living in our garage. (Until my kids joined 4-H last year, I had never heard that term before in my life.  If you are like me, “poults” are baby turkeys.)  Will and Weslea enjoyed raising them so much last year that they decided to work with them again this […]

top o’ the morning to ya!

Introducing…The Toothless Wonder!! I don’t think any of my kids lost both of their front teeth within days of each other…until this little guy.  And it is so darn cute. These are exciting times around here…multiple “toof” fairy visits, dressing up for St. Patrick’s Day and a St. Patty’s Day Dance after school this afternoon. […]

Simple Dreams

Last Thursday night we had a huge snowstorm. Everyone woke up in the morning to find out that school had been canceled…AGAIN. (I think my kids will still be going to school in July by the time they make up all their snow days this year.) Instead of being overjoyed like they usually are, my […]

A Sweet Hello

My kids love, love, LOVE to leave messages around the house. Sometimes for each other.  Sometimes for their dad.  Sometimes for me. Sometimes funny.  Sometimes nice. Sometimes not so nice.  (Signs like No Girls Allowed!!! or Do Not Come In My Room Or I’m Telling Mom!!!! on bedroom doors come to mind.) Yesterday morning after working […]

Celebrating Jessica On This Day Of Love

Today is a day of love. Today is also the day when several people whom I love dearly…my brother, his wife, her parents…will be celebrating their dear daughter and sister’s birthday without her.  Jessica would have turned 28 on this Valentines Day. It has been almost two months since Jessica passed away and I still […]

Enjoying a New Living Space

In December we were so excited to see a huge part of our basement project finally get completed.  I say finally because we hired my brother-in-law (an amazing contractor and carpenter) to begin his part of the job IN SEPTEMBER of 2009…and then we decided that we would finish the rest of the work ourselves. […]