how to make a “zipper face” halloween costume

Last year my oldest son, Will, decided that he wanted to have a more grown-up “scary” costume but he didn’t really care for anything we saw in the stores we visited. We finally stumbled across one pretty gory photo on reddit and he LOVED the idea.  Unfortunately we couldn’t find any instructions on how to […]

happy new year!

This year’s holiday season pretty much kicked my butt…shopping, school parties and numerous family get-togethers all topped off with a nice dose of sickness that I am still fighting to get over (boo!) It was our year to host my family’s big New Year’s Eve party though and that was what we spent most of […]

meet ollie | our “elf on the shelf”

Does “Elf on the Shelf” visit your home? This was the first year that he made an appearance at our home and we are having a blast getting to know Ollie and seeing what antics he’s been up to after we wake up each morning. The evening we set up our Christmas tree he arrived […]

saying goodbye

This week was a sad one here at The Arthur Clan. My very first pet that I could call my own was a miniature black poodle named Molly.  Eighteen years ago, before Bill and I had even officially tied the knot, I began begging and pleading with him to let us get our very own […]

another point of view

It’s fun looking at our family in a new way!  🙂

ticklemania 2011

“Ticklemania 2011” (version 3,952) ensued in our family room tonight.  A great way to capture some fun, laughing moments!