photography tutorial | finding the light in open shade

My friend, Cheryl from Tidymom, kindly invited me to guest post over on her blog today about how to utilize open shade effectively.  I’m so excited to get to share a little bit about photography over there! You can read that post here:  Utilizing Open Shade Effectively This post is a follow-up to that one […]

The Beauty of Bokeh

I love… Little ones who think it’s totally fun to do jobs that adults know are actually completely mind-numbing and boring. Pudgy little hands that are busy helping mom. Looks of complete concentration. And this smirk.  Oh how I love this smirk! And I really, really love that bokeh kind of helped hide the fact […]

A Boy’s Story {Fix-It Friday}

Fix-It Friday was delayed in being posted this week because I was at a school event with this little guy.  A school event that I completely forgot about until he was walking out the door and said “See you at school pretty soon Mom!!” Ack! We had great fun together though and I’m thinking the […]

A Halloween “Fix-It”

I have participated in a Fix-It Friday over at I ♥ Faces in quite awhile…I found that I couldn’t resist this week’s photo though.  This cute little girl was photographed by her mom (my friend Dana) for Halloween and I thought she was adorable! Original Straight-Out-Of-Camera Shot: This little girl’s legs made me laugh so […]

Photo Editing Fun – “Sad Little Guy”

Several weeks ago, I helped edit this photo for a lady who submitted it to the Constructive Feedback Friday feature we have over at I ♥ Faces from time-to-time. I fell in love! It was such a beautiful photo and so much fun to edit. If you’d like to see other beautiful edits of this […]

"Little Precious" – Photo Editing Fun

Most weeks at I ♥ Faces we have a special feature that we run on Friday that is called “Fix-It Friday.” We provide a photo that anyone can download and then each participant can use the photo editing program of their choice to “fix” that photo anyway that they’d like. We have special contributors who […]