Meet The Clan

{Photo taken by Jessica Paige from One Willow}

This is my completely wonderful, insanely crazy, always goofy, hysterically funny, sometimes ornery, absolutely amazing family.

My dear hubby is Bill who has been supportive in every endeavor I’ve ever taken on.  Without his help with caring for the kids and our home, my part of I Heart Faces wouldn’t have even been a possibility.  He’s my true love and I can’t imagine life without him.

My brown-eyed children are the “4 W’s.” Will, Weslea, Wyatt and Weston. I’ve always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom with a bunch of kiddos. They are the true joy of my heart and I’d have to say that my dreams have come true through them.

Last year we added another “W” to the family…a black lab named Willow.  At the time I was not even slightly enthusiastic about the thought of caring for a puppy, but she has truly grown on me and now I enjoy her sitting on my feet and keeping them warm while I work at the computer each day.

Together we are all The Arthur Clan. It’s a fun place for us to be!

And there is no other place on earth that I’d rather be.

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