happy new year!

This year’s holiday season pretty much kicked my butt…shopping, school parties and numerous family get-togethers all topped off with a nice dose of sickness that I am still fighting to get over (boo!)

It was our year to host my family’s big New Year’s Eve party though and that was what we spent most of our “vacation” getting ready for. ¬†We finished several complicated house projects that I can’t wait to share here on my blog and hosted a party that was super fun for the 30 people who were able to make it to the event.

To keep things interesting that night we had several competitions and fun activities that everyone was required to participate including:

-Wii Dance Party “Dance Off” – This was the biggest highlight of our night and was so much fun to participate in AND to watch!

New Years Eve Party Ideas

New Years Eve Party Ideas

-Hot Shot Basketball Competition (my son, Will, stomped all over everyone)

-White Elephant Gift Exchange

-And, a photo booth.

This was especially popular with all of the kids (including my big kid – a.k.a. my husband).

New Years Eve Party Ideas

New Years Eve Party Silly Photo Booth Ideas

Wishing you all a wonderful and happy New Year!!