celebrating red, white & blue!

Yesterday we celebrated Independence Day by staying and doing absolutely nothing of importance…I am almost caught up on laundry now and our garage is clean though so it was a happy day for me.  🙂

We decided to skip fireworks last night as well since the thought of getting caught in an hour of traffic afterwards didn’t sound all that fun.  It was a beautiful clear night though and we were actually able to see the local fireworks way, way off in the distance from our porch so the kids thought that was pretty cool.

My camera didn’t see the light of day yesterday so all of my Red, White & Blue photos are from the Memorial Day parade that Weslea’s softball team was in.  This was our first year of having a softball player in the family so having one of the kids actually be in the small, local parade was lots of fun!  It ended up being a lovely small town parade that involved speeches of remembrance, laying of the wreath, local teams and bands walking in the parade and us finally all reaching the cemetery where a list of names was read (which was sadly way too long) of all the soldiers in that town who had lost their lives in a war.

We truly enjoyed a morning of poignancy and remembrance together….although I suspect that the kids enjoyment mainly came from the yummy candy that was thrown to them from the people in the parade. 😉

Enter your “Red, White & Blue” photos just for fun over at I Heart Faces this week.  It’s a non-competition week but is sure to be a source of beautiful inspiration.

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