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I Heart Faces Photo Contest - Yellow

These past few days have been an absolutely lovely experience for myself and my daughter, Weslea.

On Wednesday evening we flew from Ohio to San Antonio where I met up with Amy Locurto so we could both lead the I Heart Faces Photography Workshop.  Weslea got to tag along for the first time as one of our models.  To say that she was excited would have been the under exaggeration of the year!

She was such a trooper and did even more amazing than I could have ever expected. She ended up posing for nine sessions (yikes!) and was tremendously patient and wonderful for each one.  I was so very proud of her.

I took this photo this morning while she was laying on her bed in our hotel room.  I think she’s relieved that we’ll be having a “just for fun” day of sightseeing before we head back home tomorrow.  After all of her work she has definitely earned one!

P.S.  I’m trying to edit this photo on my uncalibrated laptop and am sure there are probably color problems that I can’t see on this awful screen.  Please excuse the bad editing. 🙂

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