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Meeting Denene Millner from My Brown Baby

When I was at the Grand Old Opry Hotel attending the Blissdom Conference in January, I sent out a random tweet about how much I was enjoying the experience with a #blissdom hashtag attached to the end of it so that anyone following the Blissdom tweets would be able to find it.

Imagine my shock when one of my earliest blogging buds, Denene Millner from My Brown Baby, tweeted back something to the tune of “Wha?!  Are you at Blissdom too?  Does this mean we will finally be able to meet?!”

I’ve been blogging for a long time, but The Arthur Clan began as a way of showing off photos to my brothers who both lived out of state (so please, for the love of God, do not look at my earlier posts…oh my!)  About three years ago was when my eyes were first opened to the whole blogging world out there and Denene was one of the first bloggers that I crossed paths with.  She is a beautiful, strong, confident woman who has enjoyed many successes in her life.  I’m most impressed with her passion for motherhood though and for the way she tries to encourage any mother (or father!) out there, particularly those who are raising beautiful brown babies of their own.  I know she’s been a huge encouragement to me along this blogging journey I’ve had and I am so blessed to be able to call her my friend.

We live in completely different parts of the country, share some of the same beliefs, disagree on others, email each back-and-forth about photography and generally just love each other to pieces.  She’s 100% real, authentic, genuine and amazing.

After receiving her tweet at Blissdom, I began my “Denene Hunt” because I knew that I had to make sure we met in person finally after being friends for so long online.  It was making me crazy because it seemed if I was in one place at Blissdom, she was in another.  Or, if I left one place…she’d be there a few minutes later and vice versa.

One afternoon Amy and I started photographing some other bloggers we know and love for our Faces We Love – Blogger Makeover feature for I Heart Faces.  {Here are a few past segments:  Faces We Love I and Faces We Love II}  It was at this time that I heard a shriek and someone yelling “You must be Angie Arthur!!!!” which is when I turned around, saw Denene and started shrieking in glee right back at her.  🙂

Truly the highlight of my Blissdom experience this year.

My I Heart Faces business partner, Amy, grabbed my camera and took a few photos of Denene and myself together during the few short minutes we were able to chat.  Do you want the true back story about our photo experience though?

The minute Amy and I met up with each other at Blissdom she started laughing and exclaiming, “Oh my word, you are so white right now!”  And seriously, she is completely correct about that.  I usually get a nice tan in the summer when I’m sitting on the beach at the lake watching the kids swim, but holy cow!  This winter I lost every single bit of color that I’ve ever had and I am so freaking white.  It is absolutely ridiculous how white I am right now.

Amy and I would use our phones to take photos of ourselves together at the different events and she would end up looking like a normal person and every single time I would turn out ghost white with glowing red eyes.  It caused a few moments of hilarity for us for sure.

So, when Amy grabbed my camera to begin taking photos of me and Denene together it wasn’t too long before she got the giggles…and not too much longer after that before she started mentioning terms like “albino” and “ghostly”.

And pretty soon Denene and I got the giggles too.

Which gave me the cutest series of photos that the two of us could have ever wished for.

Meeting Denene Millner from My Brown Baby

It was such a delight to finally get to meet you in person Denene! And I swear to goodness, somehow we are going to make it work for me to meet your entire family someday so that I can shoot an amazing session with all of you.  That would be a dream come true!

You can read Denene’s fun version of our meet-up here.

How about you…do you have a story about an online friend that you finally got to meet in person?  I’d love to read about it!  It still amazes me how deep and lasting so many of my online friendships are even if we’ve never met in person.  This blogging community has been such a lovely gift in my life.