Returning to Fall {Family Session}

I’ve been going through files on my computer and realized that I’ve had quite a few sessions that I never blogged about…I must have just put them on my Facebook Page instead.

In honor of the beautiful day we are having here in Ohio (it’s supposed to be 55 degrees today!!) here’s a family session from this fall that I enjoyed so much.

The Siblings

This photo was taken at the beginning of the session.  The kids and I were out in the yard on our own while mom and dad finished getting ready (and can I just say how much I love it when I can spend one-on-one time with the kids?)  They were a bit nervous and feeling silly so I told them “I know this sounds really dumb and stupid…but why don’t you play the staring game and see who can stare at the other the longest?”  The little sister immediately broke into giggles and I was able to capture this moment.  Love it so much!

After living in a house of brown-eyed beauties, I always enjoy photographing children with other colors of eyes. These two had some of the prettiest eyes around!

The Family

This photo became a favorite of mine the second I saw the daughter’s laughing, smiling, oh-so-happy face and the dad looking down interacting with her. So precious!

One of my very favorite kinds of captures…completely candid and natural. Dad and son had started walking back to the front of the park together. I was actually getting ready to put away my camera when I looked up and saw this scene…

Such a lovely family on a beautiful day.

Fall is my very favorite season of all, and these photos were the perfect reminder of why.  Makes me wish it were fall again already…but I’ll be happy enough with spring when it finally arrives… and stays for good!