Enjoying a New Living Space

In December we were so excited to see a huge part of our basement project finally get completed.  I say finally because we hired my brother-in-law (an amazing contractor and carpenter) to begin his part of the job IN SEPTEMBER of 2009…and then we decided that we would finish the rest of the work ourselves.

Yeah right.  That is never a good idea for us.  We tend to completely ignore any home projects that we’re “going to finish ourselves” because we hate doing them so much.

And so, an entire year after we first hired Pat to begin working (he finished his work within a month), we rehired him to do all of the work that we were supposed to have done on our own.


Finally, in mid-December, the carpet guys came to put in the carpet after a week of last minute carpentry work and a whole team of painters spending time down there doing their thing.

And then the kids came home from school that afternoon and chaos ensued!

We’re free!  We have space!  We can run and play!

To say they were excited would be the understatement of the year.

And yes, both of my little boys are shirtless even though there was no good heating source down there yet and it was chilly mid-December. They like to be nekkid for some reason.

We now have a mud room for when everyone comes in from playing outside (the first white door on the left) and we have an awesome storage room for all of our junk and for storing clothes that are out of season (the far white door.)

We also have a future craft room for this mama to enjoy.  The obnoxiously bright red arrow is pointing to the space that will eventually be mine…and maybe I’ll share it with the kids sometimes too.  😉

The problem now is that this beautiful, clean, large, empty, absolutely amazing space…

Is no longer empty.

The good part is that our beautiful family room now has a leather sectional sofa, a large screen TV (we’ve always had teeny-tiny televisions so we are all enjoying this), a double chair with an ottoman and a coffee table on one end.   We weren’t really wanting to spend a bunch of money right before Christmas, but my mom told me about a local furniture store that was going out of business, I stopped by, and the rest (as they say) is history.  We got the deal of a lifetime on all of the furniture for our family room and ended up with new furniture for our upstairs living room as well.

The bad part is that the other end of our new family room is stacked floor to ceiling with all of my crafting supplies (or, as Bill would say, “All of your crap!!!”)

My little craft room area is now in the process of being finished.  We just need to paint the walls and trim and have carpet put in.  Yay!

And then, to Bill’s complete amazement, all of my crap will have a space.  I hope. He’s right, I do have a whole lot of crafting crap.

I need help.