Celebrating Jessica On This Day Of Love

Today is a day of love.

Today is also the day when several people whom I love dearly…my brother, his wife, her parents…will be celebrating their dear daughter and sister’s birthday without her.  Jessica would have turned 28 on this Valentines Day.

It has been almost two months since Jessica passed away and I still find myself in tears almost every day when I think of her.  While I knew Jessica and considered her part of my extended family, she was quite a bit younger than me and lived several states away so I would never be able to say that we were good friends.  I did love her though and it hurts immensely to think about the pain Danielle and her family are experiencing.  I can’t even imagine it.

My children have also been affected in varying degrees by her death.  They sometimes cry for no reason and when I ask them why they will say “because I miss Jessica.”  They talk about her quite often and want to share her memories of her.  They ask about Danielle and Jeff all the time.  They worry about them being sad. It upsets them to see how much Jessica looks like their Aunt Danielle.

A few week’s after Jessica passed away, her family decided to set up a website in her honor.  A place where family, friends, colleagues, roommates, pen pals and anyone else who loved Jessica could submit memories and photos of her for everyone else to read and enjoy…and eventually begin to heal together.  They asked me to help them with that task so I’ve been working ever since with Debbie (my web designer) and Misti Tracy (my graphic designer) to design a website that reflected Jessica and that she would have enjoyed seeing.  Debbie donated her services free of charge and Misti charged us at a fraction of what she normally would.  I will be forever grateful for the generosity these two ladies have shown Jessica’s family.

Jessica’s website is being officially launched today in honor of her birthday.

View Jessica’s Beautiful New Site Here: jessicafashano.com

Last month I mentioned to my children that Jessica’s birthday was on Valentines Day and we all decided that we wanted to try to come up with something special to celebrate that day with Danielle and Jeff…a way to surprise them with a special gift.  We invited all of their cousins to attend and spent the day celebrating her birthday and remembering her.

This video is our gift to Danielle, Jeff and Danielle’s parents…

Jessica…you were a lovely, passionate, vivacious, warm, loving, gracious, generous, beautiful person.  Our hearts hurt that you are no longer with us but we know that we will always love and remember you.

You can view additional images from this celebration on my Facebook Fan Page.