A Dog’s Life

Our puppy, who really isn’t quite a puppy any longer, has a nice little morning routine down now.  It basically consists of the following:

1| Drive the kids as crazy as possible while they are getting ready to leave for school.  Try to steal their papers, mittens, homework, hats and shoes and then eat them before they notice.

2| Sadly watch the kids walk out the front door as they leave to stand on the driveway to wait for the bus.

3|Walk over to the window.

4| Plop tushy down on the ground.

5| Sit and watch them until the bus is no longer in sight.

6| Take a nap for the next 8 hours until the kids get back home from school.

There’s one other little part of her morning routine I forgot to mention though (and that, thankfully, the above photo conceals but, unthankfully, the below photo does not)…

“Willow must slobber all over the front windows every single day.”

And now I must go clean them again.