“Moms with Cameras” | Workshop Recap

Last Saturday, I hosted my first ever “Moms with Cameras” class at my parents home in Northeast Ohio (thanks Mom and Dad!)

My goal was to keep the class size as small and intimate as possible…mainly so that each person would feel comfortable interacting with one another and so that there would be plenty of time for questions to be asked and answered.

I really had an amazing time and know that this will not be the last class that I teach for moms!  🙂

We discussed a ton of information in the four hours we spent together…learning in “real” language what all the buttons and settings on a camera really do, the sharing of my philosophy as a mom with a camera, simple tips and tricks to improve your photos immediately and then hands-on shooting time with our two models (ie. my daughter and my niece.)

One of the fun parts of the workshop was when I announced several surprise giveaways that a few of my online friends donated for the day.  Free, awesome camera goodies means great fun around here!

Adorama Gift Cards
I’d like to thank Adorama for donating two $50 gift cards.  Two of the ladies were absolutely thrilled to win those babies and are ready to go shopping now!  If you haven’t visited Adorama yet, I highly recommend them to all of my family and friends when they are shopping for camera goodies.  It was my great pleasure to meet their online “face”, Joel, in NYC this summer.  He and I have known each other for some time and it is wonderful to be able to call him a friend.

Eclectic Whatnot Camera Strap Cover
Ruthanne from Eclectic Whatnot donated one of her gorgeous handmade camera strap covers as a prize at the workshop as well.  Ruthanne also provided a discount code for each attendee to use…I can’t wait to see which camera strap cover they choose as their own!

Pamela Topping Camera Necklace
Pamela donated a $40 gift certificate to her store where she sells Photoshop Actions and these beautiful camera shaped necklaces!  I think these necklaces are just the prettiest things ever.  🙂

Vintage Pearl Shutterbug Necklace


Amy and I gave each of our I Heart Faces Contributors one of these necklaces this year…only it said “I Heart Faces” instead of “shutterbug.”  How cute are these?  Erin has been a longtime supporter of I Heart Faces and when I returned home from teaching the workshop I found a gift certificate from The Vintage Pearl waiting in my inbox.  I immediately drew another name and sent it on to the winner.  Lucky girl!

I already am making plans in my mind for my next “Moms with Cameras” Workshop to be held sometime closer to summer.  If you are wondering how to improve the photos you take of your own kids, I’d love to help be a part of that learning process.

And thank you so much to Kendra, Aren, Heather, Haley, Jane, Kathy and Jessica for being a part of my first class.  You made it as amazing as I was hoping it would be!