Making a Difference

Will Arthur from Andrea Riley on Vimeo.

Helpful Hint:  Push “play” and then “pause” on the video so that it can load.  It should then be ready for you to view whenever you are done reading this post.  If you are having troubles watching the video, it can also be viewed here.

For the last week, Will and I have been working on a major project for his advanced Language Arts Class.

As part of the class assignment, he needed to interview 10 people (of varying ages) about what they do to make a difference in this world.

The teacher gave them many options for how they could make their presentations to the class, but the one that appealed to us the most was the video option.  In other words, Technology = Cool to a 6th grade boy and his internet savvy mom. He received extra points if his presentation included photos of the people he interviewed (ummmm…easy!) and if he included music as well.

Holy, moly…as cool as the video option sounded, it definitely made this presentation so much more difficult than we were expecting. I have a pro account with Animoto (which I LOVE in most cases) but it wasn’t helpful for this presentation because there was a lot of text he needed to include and tons of videos. Uploading all of the videos to Animoto would literally have taken days of us sitting at the computer just waiting for each new video to load.

I also tried using Windows Live Movie Maker (since I own a PC) and was pleased with how nice and user-friendly it was. The one problem with this program was that there was no way to turn down the level of the music anytime a video of Will was playing.  Due to that, the music ended up drowning out his voice.

Well, what do you know? It was tech-savvy Aunt Drew who came to our rescue with her amazing Mac computer that also includes the incredible, fantastically wonderful, uber-awesome  iMovie program. What a dream this was for putting a simple (yet really classy) presentation together in a fairly quick manner. After spending one evening at her home, his video was finished and he is now at school getting ready to play it for his teacher and classmates.

It was also amazing to reconfirm how wonderful our family and friends are when they shared just a few of the things they are doing to make this world a better place.

I hope Will’s teacher and friends at school end up loving the video just as much as we do!

P.S.  Please excuse the fuzziness in some of the videos.  We were videotaping late at night (with no natural light available) and I was using my Canon 5D Mark II on video for only my second time.  When I actually nailed the focus though…wowza!  This camera provides so many fantastic possibilities.  🙂

Photos of my family were taken by Jessica Paige.  Other photos were taken by myself and various family members.