Heading to BlissDom!

As you read this, I am probably boarding the plane that will be taking me to Nashville or I will already be speaking at the Photography Wisdom Workshop today.  Woot!!

This will be my third year attending BlissDom and I am so excited to see many of my blogging friends again. 

I’ll even be meeting my friend Cheryl (from Tidymom) in real life this year rather than as “Flat Cheryl.”  🙂

BlissDom has always held a special place in my heart because it’s where Amy and I first met each other in real life about a month after we launched I Heart Faces.

And yep, I’ll get to see her again as well…and I’m sure she’ll talk into doing a bunch of truly embarrassing things that I’ll be able to write about later.

I’m looking forward to seeing the incredible ladies that put this blogging conference together…
Blissdom Ladies

And I’m really excited to be one of the Photography Creative Tribe Leaders!  That means that I’ll be speaking during the Photography Wisdom Workshop and I’ll also help lead the photography group whenever we have a chance to meet up.

From the BlissDom Website:
Tribe Leaders are experienced, encouraging, empathetic Thought Leaders from your particular areas of interest or “tribe.” Natural mentors, they know what interests you, what concerns you, what you want and need to explore in more detail, and they are prepared to help you maximize your BlissDom experience.

Thursday morning, after the opening keynote, join your “tribe” for roundtable discussions.  Then throughout the weekend, think of your Tribe Leaders as your mentors.


Are you a Photography Blogger? Or, do you want to learn more about using photography to enhance your blog?  Join the Photography Creative Tribe!

The leaders are me, Dawn Camp, Lotus Carroll, Deanna Garretson, Casey Mullins and Mishelle Lane.

We’ll meet Thursday from 10 am-12 pm for a round-table discussion in the Tennessee Ballroom.

See the entire tribe options and schedule here.

If you love photography and want to connect with others in your niche, be sure to meet up at our Creative Tribe.  I would be thrilled to get to meet you there!