A Boy & His Drums {Senior Portrait Session}

I was so excited when Tyler’s mom finalized his high school senior portrait session with me.  Tyler is an avid drummer for a small band he and his friends put together and also in the praise band at his church.  I had been visualizing a senior session with a set of drums forever and it was so much fun to finally put those ideas into motion!  This session ended up being double the fun though because Tyler also had some great ideas that he shared with me and I was able to implement them as well.

This pull back shot gives you an idea of one of the amazing locations we used for his session and just how much stuff he and his poor mom had to cart around everywhere we went.  It was soooo worth the effort though!

Tyler and I were completely on the same wave length for how I was visualizing his session and he was willing to try anything and everything.  The textured walls, beat-up floor and debris made this the perfect spot for the look I was going for.


We did also drag his drums into my backyard as well though.  It’s hard for me to admit this now…but, when we first moved into our home over 10 years ago I told my husband that I wanted those weeds gone.  Eeek!  Thank goodness he didn’t listen to me…I literally use those weeds in almost every session I photograph now.

A few other favorites (minus the drums):







My number one piece of advice for high school seniors is to bring your personality with you to your portrait session!  Being yourself and having fun with the session is so much more important than the clothing you will wear or the location we choose to shoot at.  Tyler was a teeny-tiny bit nervous at the beginning of his session, but he quickly began to relax…began to truly enjoy the experience…and he completely let his personality shine through. Due to that he enabled me to take the best photos possible of him.

Thanks so much for hanging out with me Tyler…I had a blast bringing our vision of your session to life through my camera!