I Heart Faces Photo Contest | Self Portrait

I am completely cheating in this week’s I Heart Faces photo entry as you can see by the multiple photos below.  If you’d like to be considered as a winner, please only have one photo in your post.  Since I can’t win anyway as the co-founder of I Heart Faces, I’m totally being a cheater.  😉  

If I had to make a “Top Ten List of Things I Hate To Do”…being photographed would have to way up high on the list somewhere.  So this week’s Self Portrait theme was not putting me in a very happy mood.

Besides my hatred of self portraits, there were a few other obstacles to overcome.  Mainly a heavy camera that kept wanting to fall down on our faces, my lack of lenses that will even allow you to focus when you are holding the camera at an arms length away, my unbelievably short arms and (the biggest obstacle of all)…an ornery dog named Willow.  An ornery and licky dog named Willow who wanted to constantly be in the middle of the “fun.”


In case you didn’t notice, I HATE BEING LICKED BY A DOG.  Blech!

So, we tried all kinds of things:

-Me shooting with the fisheye lens while Weslea held Willow by her collar:

-Me shooting with my 50mm 1.4 which could barely focus even if I stretched my arm up as far as it could possibly go:

-And finally we resorted to trying out the iPhone to see if that would work any better:

I can honestly say, it ended up being pretty darn fun.  There were lots of giggles (and blurry photos) involved.The-Arthur-Clan-4

And a random halfway decent photo or two.

Oh, and lots of licking…there was definitely a LOT of that going on.

Which is just plain gross!

Go ahead and make yourself do it!  Enter your own self-portrait over at I Heart Faces this week.  If I can do it, you can too!  🙂

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