I Heart Faces Photo Contest | Paper

By far, drawing is one of Wyatt’s very favorite things to do.  He doodles on scrap paper, good paper, school papers, the back of my piano music… 

And he will find a place to draw wherever he might possibly be…buckled into the van, laying on the floor, sitting at the countertop, laying down on the driveway…

Anything he can find, he will cover it with his drawings.  In fact, I have proof of this on my walls from when he was a bit younger.  *sigh*
paper1 - 70s
Our school hosted a Book Fair last week and after sending my kids off to school with a bit of money I could have bet on what kind of book Wyatt would be bringing home with him…something that started with the words “How To Draw _______.”

Ding, ding!  I would have won that bet because he came home with “How To Draw Pokemon” and hasn’t stopped drawing Pokemon figures since.  🙂

Show off your portrait photo (that includes paper) at I Heart Faces this week.

As co-founder of IHF, I can’t win the challenges but I love entering them each week for the inspiration and fun of it!