I Heart Faces | My Story: Fall

jon - black pants
My fall has been the busiest one I can remember in a long time…full of photo sessions that were squeezed in before the leaves lost all their color, school projects, fun school activities and parties, soccer games, haunted houses…the list goes on and on.

One of my favorite things from this fall happened last night though, when my little brother showed up to trick-or-treat with all of his nephews and nieces…and he was dressed up like a giant pirate lego.  Truly the hit of the night in our books!

He painstakingly made this costume himself out of cardboard, styrofoam pieces, paper, a lot of duct tape, glue and wallpaper paste.  It was absolutely and completely amazing!

My brother lives in another state five hours away from us now so it was awesome having him there to hang out with us.  And it was pretty cool having the best costume in the neighborhood walking around with us as wellWe walked around to exclamations of “Hey look!  There’s a Lego Guy!” and “Wow man!  I LOVE your costume!”

Best trick-or-treating night ever!

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