I Heart Faces | My Dinner Recipe in Photos

It’s our official week off from going through entries over at I Heart Faces so instead of a photo challenge we’re instead hosting a non-competition linky where everyone can share a dinner recipe in photos.

GAH!!!  I hate to cook! (Have I ever mentioned that before?!)

Which pretty much means that this week’s “My Dinner Recipe in Photos” is like my nightmare come to life.

So, I’ll just go with the homemade goodness of what we had for dinner tonight.


*ahem* You’re going to have to work with me here people!

Step 1| Sit quietly at your daughter’s soccer game until your friend texts you asking a question about her 6th grade son’s social studies project and then ends with asking me if Will has finished his project yet?   Quickly find Will and ask him “Do you have a major social studies project due tomorrow?”  Listen in unbelief as Will replies “Yes.”

Step 2| In a panic pack up all the boys to head home to work on another blessed school project.  Listen to hubby yell over (while you’re running to the van as quickly as you can) that he’ll pick up pizza on the way home.


Step 3| Help son work on project without beating him over the head due to your frustration over the fact that he could have worked on his project anytime over the weekend and instead we are doing it late on Sunday night.


Step 4| Hubby walks in with said pizza (thank you Lord for that!)


Step 5| Open box, dig in and eat.


Step 6| Bring on an oh-so-healthy side dish if we’re in a really fancy mood.


Step 7| Add a lovely Diet Coke to the mix.  Oh Diet Coke…how I love thee!


Step 8| Continue helping son with his blasted school project until it’s way past his bedtime.

Step 9| Put leftover pizza away in fridge for tomorrow night’s dinner.  😉

And there you have it!  My “dinner” recipe in photos.

P.S.  If anyone would like to trade homemade meals, house cleaning, landscaping duties or home decorating in exchange for a customized family portrait session, I am your girl!  You think I’m kidding, but I so am not…