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This is my review of Momtog’s UNmanual and her UNposing Guide.  At the end of this post you will learn how you can enter for a chance to win your own copies of these wonderful guides! {value $190}

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Last week over at I Heart Faces, Amy and I were so excited to welcome Drew Bittel as our Guest Photographer Judge. Drew’s photography is just beautiful…so creative, fun and full-of-life!  We really loved that she was a pro photographer before she became a mom…and now that she is also a mom-with-a-camera she has been incredibly generous in the advice and knowledge she shares with other mom photographers on her blog, Momtog.
Mom*Tog - For moms who love digital photography

Just recently I have had quite a few moms in my area ask me if I could teach a class to help them learn how to take better photos of their own children.  I think most people who know me realize that this is something I am passionate about…as a matter of fact, it was one of the main reasons why I Heart Faces came to be.  🙂

So, when I stopped by Drew’s site and saw that she had designed an UNmanual and UNposing Guide, I was intrigued.  You see, I’m one of those self-taught photographers that sometimes has a complete brain fart when it comes to explaining what I know about my camera in the correct photography terms.  Many times I end up saying something like “You know that second dial thingy on the back of your camera?  Well, that’s what you need to turn to do such-and-such!”  Yeah.  Not real helpful.


I decided to purchase Drew’s UNmanual just to give myself a refresher course in how to correctly teach my friends what I have learned and I decided to purchase her UNposing Guide just for me!  Goodness knows that I can always use some new and unique, natural and candid looking posing ideas (something I think a lot of photographers tend to struggle with a bit.)

I was able to download my purchases immediately, sat there and read through both of them and was absolutely pleased with what I had received for my money.  I’m a big believer that someone who puts that much time and effort into a high-quality product deserves to make money from it and I was very happy with the quality of the product I received.

UNmanual:  (when you purchase this item, you receive it as an instant download and then you will receive a paper copy of the manual through the mail as well)

Drew’s UNmanual was just that…everything you could learn in a camera manual…if you could actually figure out what the manual was trying to say to you.  It was very clearly written and in a language that any beginning photographer could understand.  It covered most any major topic about your camera that I could think of.  And, it was completely packed full of beautiful photos to illustrate each different thing she taught.  As a visual learner myself, I found this to be invaluable.
UNposing Guide

UNposing Guide: (this product comes in downloadable form with instructions on how to print it and put it together to take to your sessions with you)

I absolutely love lifestyle photography and really am striving to capture that look in every family and children’s session I have, but a little secret of that style of photography is that you actually have to learn how to “pose” your families in ways that will look natural and candid at the same time.  This is not easy to do at all!

Drew’s describes her UNposing Guide in this way:
The UNposing Guide was inspired when people and photographers started asking me how I get such natural looking family shots. I’ll be the first to admit it. Posing is not my strong point. So, from the beginning of my business instead of trying to get my clients to look like models by posing them, I focused on capturing each client being themselves. I wanted to find what was unique and fun about each family. I realized that on each shoot I was using the same techniques to get families to have fun and loosen up. I started naming them so I would remember them easily while I was out shooting. And that’s where the UNposes were born.

Disclosure: After I finished reading through both manuals, I checked my email inbox and was so surprised to see a message from Drew asking if I was the Angie Arthur who had placed an order through her store and if so, she wanted to refund my money.  Wow!  I absolutely had not expected that at all and was just tickled pink at her generosity.  Not only that, but she also offered to give away her UNmanual and her UNposing Guide to one very lucky winner on my blog this week. {value $190)

Oh my goodness, what a sweet thing to do!

I wrote all of that to let you know that even though I ended up getting both of these items for free myself, I had already purchased both of them and fully expected to never get that money back and I was very pleased with what I received.  In my opinion, it was absolutely worth the investment and I encourage everyone to take a few moments to look over both products as well to see if they might fit your needs.

Now, on to the really fun part!

To Enter the Giveaway:
Visit Drew’s store and look over these two products.  Then come back here to The Arthur Clan and leave a comment letting me know how you think Drew’s UNmanual and UNposing Guide will help you in your photography journey.  You most definitely do not need to be a professional photographer to enter this giveaway…all levels of photography enthusiasts are welcome to join in the fun!

For Extra Entries:
1| Follow Drew on Twitter and then send out a tweet about this giveaway.  Sample Tweet:

2| Head over to Drew’s Facebook Page, “like” her page and then let her know what you like about her two guides.  I’d be completely happy to have you “like” Angie Arthur Photography as well if you’d like to keep up on my upcoming giveaways and photo sessions. 🙂

3| Become a follower of “The Arthur Clan.” (up in the right-hand corner of my blog)

Giveaway is open for entries until this Saturday, Oct. 9th, at noon (EST.)

If you want to be entered more than once, you need to leave a separate comment for each entry (4 entries/comments total. If you are already a follower or “liker”, leave a comment letting me know that.) Best wishes everyone! 

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