Can We Say Passive-Aggressive?

As you may have noticed in my last post, Willow (our “puppy”) is not quite the little puppy any longer.

As a matter of fact, she just celebrated her first birthday in August (during which we were in Pennsylvania on a mini-vacation and completely missed it.)

With as many reservations as I had about adding a dog to our family, I truly have fallen in love with her over the past year.  She is sweet, loving, not very licky (oh my word, I can’t stand being licked by a dog!), loves sleeping in her cage and is fairly calm…at least until the kids get home from school.  The main cons to having her as our dog are:  1) the immense amounts of dog hair we find around here (gross!) and 2) the CHEWING.

If I added up the amount of money we’ve lost in chewed up shoes (mainly my chewed up shoes)  I’d probably cry for a week.

running collage 2

There are four things about her that are absolutely hilarious though.  Two of them are completely mundane, everyday occurrences that she is absolutely terrified of and we have no idea why (they deserve a blog post of their own.)  And there are two other things that she is extremely passive-aggressive about…in other words, she hates them but is also scared of them at the same time.  So, she alternately attacks them and then cowers from them.

One is the vacuum cleaner (which I think is fairly understandable for a dog.)

The other is my camera.

running collage

So, when we did the fishy lens test shoot this is what happened…

a| first she ran around like an idiot because she was excited about being outside loose and she was trying to get away from my camera

b| after she calmed down a little bit, the kids tried to force her to be a part of the session


And, true to form, she did everything possible to get away from my camera!


While they all did their best to hold her in place.


You have no idea how frustrating this is for me.  How in the world did I end up with a camera shy pet?  Wouldn’t you think that she should be completely relaxed with the whole concept by now?  I surely think so.  But nope!  The minute the camera comes out she’s either shying away from it, running away from it or straight out attacking it.

That would explain why I’ve rarely blogged about her over the past year.  And I had so many plans for puppy-related posts!

We finally did wear her down a bit that day and ended up with a few keepers though.


Or maybe the sheer weight of four children’s bodies just held her in place long enough for me to take a couple of quick shots?


Either way, I’ll take it!  I’ll be happy with any halfway decent shots I can get of this newest member of our family.

The entire four measly halfway decent shots I’ve actually captured.  In an entire YEAR.