“In The Orchard” Photo Challenge

My family and I are leaving at 3:00 sharp this afternoon for our family portrait session that is going to be in…an orchard.  Which is about seven hours too late for this week’s photo challenge.  *sigh*

But, since the photographer is going to be the absolutely amazing and fabulous Jessica Paige (!!!!) I am able to move past the fact that I don’t have a good photo for this week’s challenge.

So, a few minutes ago I headed out with my ever-willing model and a basket of old apples that I found laying around and she goofed off until I got this shot…
And now I need to run out the door to get a million and a half things finished before we leave to meet up with Jess.  Ack!!

Wish us luck!  This non-photogenic mom is going to need it…

P.S. Three things for tomorrow:
-The giveaway winner for Cora’s Flowers will be announced tomorrow.
-The winner for the UNmanual and UNposing Guide from Momtog has not contacted me yet so I will be announcing a new winner for that as well.
-A new and wonderful giveaway will be posted tomorrow as well.  You will not want to miss this one!  🙂