Warming Up to #11

Our oldest son, Will, came home from Middle School one day and informed me that he needed to do a poster board project that would creatively allow him to show off facts about the number eleven.

Now, if he had just said “I need to make a poster board about number 11 facts” or “I need to write facts about the number 11 on a poster board” we would have been fine.

But…his teacher had to throw the word “creatively” in there.  And that’s when my children and I can feel our competitive juices start to flow.  We need to do it creatively?  Well, this was bound to be the most creative number 11 in the history of our school!

Will wanted to incorporate soccer into his entry somehow and we brainstormed ideas for two weeks.  It’s really quite pathetic how much time we put into the brainstorming part of this little-turned-big project.

We finally came up with this:


Yes.  We posed, shot, printed, cut-out, mounted, cut-out again and popped up two teams of Wills playing soccer…11 players on each side.  He then wrote his #11 facts on the back of some of the players.

Creative?  We think so.  Insane?  For sure.

We had Defensive Will getting ready for the start of the game…

We had the circle of Wills preparing for kick-off…

…on the defensive and offensive sides.

We had two Wills who were goofing off in the back of the field even though it was clearly time for the game to start…

And, my personal favorite, a ticked-off Will who was “encouraging” the other players to stop goofing off and get serious about the game?6
{He was actually getting really aggravated with his sister right at that moment.}

Will covered that entire game, all the way down to the goalie position…what a man!
1 - BW

Shockingly enough, Bill went into work that day and told his co-workers that his wife and kids had gone “overboard” on a very simple school project…again. 😉

Pshaw!  What does he know anyway?

All I know is that Will came home with an A+ that day.