Unexpected Sightings.

I’m editing part of a Senior Session today.  Of course, when the subject is a handsome, football quarterback boy it makes the editing process a pretty easy chore to complete.  😉

While editing though, I came across this photo that I really liked.  Talon has a great expression on his face, I absolutely love how relaxed his stance is, his reflection in his truck is pretty cool, and I really like the angle the image was shot at.

And then I got into the nitty-gritty of editing, zoomed in closer and came across something that made me laugh out loud a bit.tw7

I wasn’t laughing at Talon…nope, it was something I found while looking closer at the image.tw7 - blog

It always cracks me up when I find that I’ve inadvertently taken a photo of my own self.

I think I now have a new profile photo that I actually like!