My…What Beautiful Eyes You Have!

When I was in Kindergarten, I came home one day and tearfully informed my mom that I needed scissors.

“Why do you need scissors Angie?” she suspiciously asked.

“Because a big girl at school told me that my eyelashes are ugly because they are so long.  I need to cut them off.”

jordyn5 - musettte

And I was dead serious.  I wanted those suckers gone!

After getting over her heart attack, mom informed me that long eyelashes are actually pretty and that the big girl was probably just jealous of them and that no one would ever want me to cut off my eyelashes for real unless they were a very mean person.  It took me awhile to believe her but she finally convinced me that my eyelashes needed to stay put.

hat4 - mademoiselle

I’m sure she then quietly went away to thank the good Lord above that I actually came to her instead of running up to my room to take care of the job myself.  I’m thankful as well that my little mind decided to talk to my mom instead of taking care of the problem myself…I still break into a cold sweat thinking about my non-eyelash self trying to make it through school.

jordyn6 - musette

Over the years, I think my eyelashes have shrunk (darn it all!) and I’d love to go back to my Kindergarten eyelash days.  But at least I have children with super-long lashes that always get to hear remarks in the store like “Oh my, what beautiful eyes you have!”

hat8 - mademoiselle

I think it’s safe to assume that my niece can join the Beautiful Eyes Club right along with my own children. 

Oh my.  Those lashes.  *swoon*

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