I Heart Faces • “Vroom, Vroom”

I am incredibly blessed in that my kiddos sleep like rocks. 

Life definitely wasn’t always like that, but now that they’ve all been sleeping through the night for quite some time they will literally sleep through anything.

Thunderstorms, mom practicing the piano, the television, dogs barking outside, the vacuum cleaner…

They will even sleep through their snap-happy mom turning on all the lights in their room so that she can capture shot after shot after shot of a cutie-pie moment in time tonight.

sample1 - heiress

Weston sleeping with one of his nice, soft and cuddly nighttime toys.  😉

I’ve never been able to figure out why my little boys find it comfortable to sleep with hard plastic vehicles, but it sure came in handy for this week’s theme at I Heart Faces!

Stop back tomorrow when the winner of the $50 giveaway to Kelsey Anderson’s Design Shop will be announced.  There will also be another huge giveaway from Sassy Designs posted… Woot!