Discovering an “Antique”

Something happened to me on Saturday that made me feel even older than I like to pretend that I’m not.

While sitting through another soccer game (the story of our weekends right now) the cousins all began whispering that maybe they could talk the moms into letting them do “the spending the nights.” 

We don’t have sleepovers around here.  One of the cousins came up with the term of “the spending the nights” years ago and that’s what we get to hear them beg for every time they have happened to be together since then.

Can we please, please, please, please, please do the spending the nights?  We haven’t done the spending the nights in forever!  Please, please, pleeeeezzzzeeeee??

On Saturday the begging won out and we let them do the spending the nights.

Two of the kids we ended up with were the dynamic duo of Caryn and Weslea.  We headed out to eat lunch at a small local restaurant and then the girls asked if we could pop into the antique store right next door.

This antique store was just chock full of fun goodies for them to check out, but one antique item fascinated them above all the others…

And completely shocked the stuffing out of me because how could a rotary phone similar to one I remember using throughout my entire childhood even possibly be considered an antique?!
phone collage

It must be an antique though because neither of those ornery girls really had a clue as to what it really was until I told them.

I’m without words.