Remembering Grandma…

I returned home from NYC on Friday.  The reason my trip was so quick was because our dear friends from out-of-state had already made plans to drive to Ohio to visit with us that weekend and I wanted to be home the entire time they were there. 

After an enthusiastic time of hugs, kisses and chatting (we hadn’t seen each other for over two years!) we headed out for dinner.  During dinner we received the sad phone call that Bill’s beloved Grandma had passed away.

She was 97 years young and we were expecting to receive this news sometime soon, but it was still just so awfully hard to know that she was really gone from us.

Bill was very close to his Grandma and we had made sure that our kids had plenty of time to spend with her as well. All of my memories of her and Grandpa (who passed away almost 10 years ago) are wonderful ones…

  • From way back when Bill and I first began dating and we would drive an hour to visit with Grandma and Grandpa and spend hours playing cards.
  • The hand-written notes Grandma and I sent back-and-forth to one another when Bill and I were newlyweds.  We had been transferred seven hours away from our hometown when we had just been married 10 months and Grandma went out of her way to help with my loneliness by sending beautiful notes for me to read.
  • Flying home for a quick weekend to celebrate Grandma & Grandpa’s 60th wedding anniversary (amazing!)
  • Grandma and Grandpa volunteering to watch our dog for us when we were gone one weekend years ago.  We forgot to tell them that Molly tended to have a “freak-out” attacks every evening and would just run in crazy circles around our house.  Grandma told us when we got back that they both had just stood in the kitchen with their mouths gaping open while they watched Molly run like a crazy dog through their kitchen, dining room, up on the living room sofa and then all the way back around to do it again.  They were astounded!  🙂
  • Taking the kids up to Grandma’s apartment to visit with her.  She had two baskets of (mainly McDonald’s) toys set aside just for when the great-grandkids came to visit.  Our kids would pull those baskets out and act like they had hit the mother-lode every single time they got to play with them.  Invariably, Weston would find a book or two and insist that 90+ year-old Grandma read them to him.  And she would!

I just went and read this post again, and cried.

She was a beautiful, amazing, loving, gentle, wonderful person.  You could tell that about her during the service when we all sat with tears running down our faces while we celebrated the life she had lived and thought about how lucky we had been to know her and to love her.


We will always love you Grandma and will miss you forever.