Random Thoughts Before I Leave for NYC!

It’s late and I should be in bed since I have to wake up in four hours to get ready to leave for my flight, but here I am blogging instead.  (Hello?!  Not very smart Angie!)

BlogHer Pre-Party!

I’m leaving for NYC!  This will be my first ever trip there all by my lonesome.  I’m super excited for many reasons:

  • I’ll be seeing tons of my blogging friends again at the Social Luxe event
  • I Heart Faces is up for an award so that’s pretty awesome whether we win or not!  (Although I definitely am hoping that we win!)
  • I’ll be meeting many fans of IHF at the photo walk we’re having.  I’m hoping we won’t all wilt in the 90 degree, hot, humid weather but what’s a little heat and humidity in the name of photography?
  • After all the festivities are over, my brother (who lives in NJ) is meeting me for dinner and drinks.  I can’t wait to see him again!
  • And the two of us are also being joined by a certain I Heart Faces Contributor, Miss JULIE RIVERA and her hubby, Rey!!!  I’ll blog about that another time but the two of us are both going to be in NYC on the same exact day for completely different reasons.  I can’t believe that I’m finally going to get to meet her…and that it’s going to be in NYC instead of Texas (where she lives.)

Tamron has been an amazing sponsor of I Heart Faces for a long time and we heart them a bunch.  I’m really psyched that I get to hang out with KT, the NYC Tamron rep, for lunch and the photo walk. Here’s a nice story I can share about him…

He called my cell phone yesterday but I had the ringer off and his voicemail message didn’t come through on my phone until this morning.  So, I called him back and said something like this… “Thanks so much for calling KC.  My phone is acting nutty and I didn’t get your message until this morning KC, but I’m sure we’ll be able to get in touch sometime today to finalize our plans to meet up!  Thanks so much KC and I’ll talk to you soon!”

The dude’s name is KT!  Not KC.  I was half way through my nail appointment an hour later when it suddenly hit me “Oh my word you big dummy…I think you called him KC all throughout the entire phone message.”  He was very gracious about it and sent me a text saying “I’ve been called KC and The Sunshine Band many times.  ;)”  He also agreed to meet me at the hotel and walk with me to the restaurant (instead of meeting me there) so that there would be less of a chance of me getting lost.  LOL!  I am so not a city girl.

I’m crossing my fingers and hoping it will work out for me to meet up with my friend, Joel from Adorama.  If you are a photographer and you aren’t friends with him on Facebook or Twitter, you need to be.  Wonderful, friendly guy who (in my opinion) has given Adorama a personal “face” in the internet world.  We’re hoping to meet up to talk shop.  Fun!

There are two things about NYC that are making me nervous though…

1) I have never hailed a taxi in my entire life.  I have no idea how one goes about hailing a taxi and don’t really want to learn how.  So, my plan is to attach myself to someone else I know for the entire day so that they will have to hail the taxis and I won’t.  Do you think that will work?

2) My outfit for the Social Luxe event is actually pretty plain and boring.  But my shoes?  Soooooo cute!!!  They have literally like a 3 inch heel though and I’m seriously wondering if I’ll make it through the night without crashing and burning.  I’ve been stressing about that little scenario for over a week now. 

Interview by Becky:
One other, completely unrelated, exciting happening is that my friend Becky (from Life With Kaishon) interviewed me for her blog.  Becky was our second IHF Fan of the Week a long, long time ago and has remained an amazing member of our Community ever since.  I finally got to meet her in person at our IHF Workshop last November and was completely enamored.  She’s a beautiful person with an amazing heart and it was an honor to have her interview me!

You can read that interview here.  Hopefully I didn’t embarrass myself too badly in it!

Before I start snoozing away now, Becky asked me one additional question in the comments section under the interview.

“I want to know how high her highest heels are? That girl stays in high heels. She is amazing! :)”

My reply?  Definitely the shoes I’m wearing to Social Luxe.  Here they are!

iphone 200 (I just took these photos right now with my iPhone just for Becky.  Don’t mind the ugly sweatpant jammies.)

Yep, I’m definitely going to crash and burn.  No doubt about it.
iphone 199

But I’m going to look at it this way.  When I crash and burn, I’ll just be guaranteeing that every single person in that room will remember I Heart Faces for the rest of their lives.

Or, maybe they’ll just remember the idiot wearing the 3 inch heels?

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