I Heart Faces • “Random Act of Kindness”

This week over at I Heart Faces we are putting the spotlight on an amazing charitable organization called Inspiration Through Art (formerly Littlest Heroes Project.)

The Littlest Heroes Project

While on the IHF Photo Walk in Columbus this past June, I got to meet Amanda from Mom-A-Razzi Photography (love her!) and she then introduced me to her friend, Melissa.  These two friends originally met when Amanda volunteered to take photos of Melissa’s family (her son is currently fighting childhood cancer.)  I was so impressed with their generosity and willingness to share their story and couldn’t wait to help highlight this awesome charity through an IHF challenge.

To me, photography is a gift and I’m so blessed that it gives something to me every single day.  How could I not then turn around and use that gift to help others whenever possible?

With the help of my sister, I’ve been able to document weddings for daughters of pastors in ministry who wouldn’t be able to afford a good photographer otherwise.  I’ve donated a photo session to a local auction that was raising money for a Christian school in our area.  As a former teacher myself, I thank God each day for the awesome teachers our kids have been blessed with in our local public school.  My thanks back to them usually comes in the form of shooting school events for free and  providing significant discounts for the teachers in our school to be able to have a custom photography session for their family.

But the session that meant the most to me was for my friend, Adrienne.

About a year and a half ago a bunch of my friends from high school reconnected on Facebook.  Many of the friends I reconnected with had actually been several classes ahead of me in school, but because our Christian school was so teeny-tiny we all really began to have strong ties together due to the similar memories we shared.

One of those friends was Adrienne and I was thrilled to get to meet her again in person at our first reunion and I enjoyed meeting her fun-loving hubby, Jeff, as well. 

At that time Jeff was a survivor of cancer…a survivor of cancer multiple times…and had just reached his “you are cancer free!” milestone when they began noticing health problems again.  Not long after we had reconnected, he was diagnosed with cancer again and this time it didn’t seem that he’d be able to fight it.

I met up with their family last November after they had learned that it could literally be just weeks that they’d have left together and we did a beautiful family shoot even though Jeff really wasn’t feeling very good at all.

It is a session I will never forget for as long as I live.


I sat on my bed that night with my laptop and edited photo after photo for them…crying my eyes out and praying for them.  That Jeff would be healed, that they could enjoy their last moments together, for their beautiful three children who would be losing their dad…and most of all that they could have time.

And despite all the odds, Jeff is still here.  He is not doing well at all now and hospice has been called in, but they had so many more precious months than they were told that they would have.  I truly thank God for that.

If you really want to be blessed today, be sure to visit Jeff’s Caring Bridge site and read the journal that he and Adrienne have written.  I’m amazed by their strength, dignity and testimony of faith every time I stop by there. 

And several posts that Adrienne has written that touched my heart:

I’m so thankful that our paths were allowed to cross again so that we could both be blessed.

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