A Watched Turkey…

If you’ve been following along on Twitter or Facebook, you probably already know that our two oldest children are participating in 4-H for their first year and are each showing a turkey at the fair this week.

This boils down to mean that The Arthur Clan has basically lived at the county fair for the entire week.

Our experience began on Sunday when our neighbors weighed our turkeys for us before we took off to do the all-important, official Weigh-In (if your animal or critter doesn’t weigh-in at a certain weight they will then be ineligible to be auctioned and then the kids will not earn money for their hard work) and we realized that our turkeys were still a 1/2 pound underweight.

Then, while riding in a pen in the back of my neighbor’s truck on their way to the fair, they literally had the you-know-what scared right out of them so we estimated that they had probably lost another 1/2 pound.

This was not a good scenario at all.

So, while the kids ran around the barn and became friends with every animal in sight…

My neighbor and I stood beside the pen making sure the turkeys had plenty of food and water…

And literally…for TWO HOURS…we watched the turkeys grow.

*tick, tock*

Let’s just say that two hours has never passed more slowly in my entire life.

I am thankful to say though that unlike a watched pot that never boils, a watched turkey will grow.  And after all that food, water and a good spraying down with the hose…those stinkers made weight.

It might have been by the skin of our wattles.  But we made it!

Stay tuned for more turkey/4-H/county fair experiences.  The adventure has just begun!