Flora Bella’s New “Luxe” Photoshop Action Set

My friend, Shana Rae from Flora Bella Actions, just released a new set of photoshop actions today…her “Luxe” set!

She sent me a set to try out and I had a chance to play with them a bit this weekend.  I have just one word for them…


I have really enjoyed Shana Rae’s beautiful work and Photoshop actions for quite some time, but this set literally blew me away.  I think every single one I tried looked fantastic on this image!
wes - musette

Usually I would tone down the opacity of an action, but for this post I decided to keep them all full strength so that everyone could see exactly what they look like without being toned down.
wes - BW mink

Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous new Luxe action set with me Shana.  You really knocked this one out of the park!  Just amazing…
wes - sapphire

Check out all of Shana Rae’s photography work and Photoshop Action Sets here
florabella 2