“Down On The Farm” • Northeast Ohio Family Photographer

Several months ago my friend Julie asked me if I could do a photo session for her family and also help her put together a blog/website for the organic farm that she and her family own, Bluebird Meadows.

9 - M&H

Thank goodness that Julie is a patient person because I just finally finished it for her yesterday.  Phew! 
16 - M&H

Photographing her family was a unique and totally fun experience.  Not only did I get to do typical family portraits, but I also was able to photograph the family doing chores and tasks around their small farm.  I loved that!
20 - M&H
chickens12 - M&H 
Bluebird Meadows10

And then I photographed them doing the fun stuff too.

Like collecting cattails from the pond…
34 - M&H

Having quiet time with the kitty…
30 - M&H

Holding baby chickies…
chickens10 - M&H

And chasing the mama chickens!chickens6 - M&H

I also took the opportunity to sneak in a few of those small detail shots that I love so much as well…

It almost….almost!…made me want to live on a farm too. 
18 - M&H

Nah!  What am I saying?  I’ll just keep visiting theirs!  🙂

If you live in northern Ohio or if you are interested in ordering organic, pasture-fed beef, chicken and pork products, be sure to visit Julie’s new website to learn more (and to see more of my photos!)  She’s also going to start blogging about their adventures on their small farm…that’s sure to be a fun read!