Photo Challenge: “Celebrating Teens”

While we were driving down to Columbus for the i heart faces Photo Walk a few weeks ago, we experienced a whole lot of craziness….one second we’d be driving through severe thunderstorms and then the next minute it’d be perfectly calm again.  We saw pouring rain, hail and then beautiful sunshine within seconds of each other and at one point even had to pull over to help another vehicle that had been involved in a car accident right in front of us.

During one of the calmer moments, our peace was shattered by the sound of the semi truck next to us honking furiously.  After I pulled my heart back out of my throat and settled down a bit I scolded the two girls in my back seat (my daughter, Weslea and my niece, Caryn) to please stop trying to get semi trucks to honk at us for the rest of the trip because they had almost given me a heart attack!! (You know that pumping your arm up-and-down thing that kids do to try to get semi truck drivers to honk at them?  My kids and their cousins have become the masters of that!)

The girls quickly protested and told me that they hadn’t been trying to get anyone to honk at all, which is right about the time that I got a bit ticked off. Why in the world was that truck driver honking at me giving me a heart attack?  He could have caused another car accident! I raged on a bit until one of my sisters piped up saying “Hey Ang…look who’s sitting next to you.  Do you think that might have something to do with why you got honked at?”

Which is when I learned that driving with cutie-pie teenagers in your front seat next to you can be hazardous to your health! 

Yep, that rotten truck driver had been honking at my volunteer teen model who was sitting in the seat next to me on our drive down to Columbus.  Which probably means that I’m officially old now since that thought never even crossed my mind when the honking began.


Enter a photo of one of your favorite teens into the IHF photo challenge this week.  As co-founder of IHF I can’t win the challenges, but I’ll look forward to seeing all of the photos that each of you enter this week. 🙂

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