6 Things I Learned At Our First Rodeo

Last Friday evening Bill came home from work and said “I think we should go to the rodeo tonight.”

Seriously?!  A rodeo?  In northern Ohio?

Little did I know, but there are actually rodeos in Ohio and one of them is literally right around the corner from the little town that we live in.

So, we headed off to the rodeo…the very first one for all of us.

Here are a few things I learned that night…

1| If you are a mom, you are guaranteed to have a complete heart attack while watching those boys ride the bulls.

2| If you are a mom, you will be praying in the back of your mind that your boys will never decide to become a bull rider themselves.

3| You will then glance over at your boys and know immediately that they have already begun dreaming of the day that they will become a bull rider themselves.rodeo2

4| Which is when you will decide that taking your boys to the rodeo was not the brightest idea you ever had.

5| Unable to keep your boys from dreaming of their bull ridin’ days you will then decide that you better just keep your camera in front of your face so that you won’t scream and embarrass yourself again the next time you see a bull getting ready to go after one of the cowboys.
Danger Collage

6| And then you might be able to relax and enjoy the rest of the night.  Or not.

{Their poor mamas!}

Just a few things I learned…