“All About Babies” Photo Challenge

Awhile ago, I had the privilege of photographing the birth of a precious baby boy.

I volunteered to do this because I wanted to see if Birth Photography was a type of photography career that I would enjoy pursuing. 

Unfortunately, while I absolutely loved being a part of the experience (it’s the only photo session I’ve ever cried happy tears during the middle of!) the main thing I learned is that I am not meant to be a birth photographer…for the same reason that I am not meant to be a wedding photographer.  The sessions have the possibility of being extremely long (you can not rush along nature) and the editing afterwards takes even looooooonger.

So, I learned a valuable lesson and am retreating back to my shorter portrait photography sessions that I enjoy so much. 🙂

But man alive, was it ever an amazing experience to be a part of!  One I will treasure forever and one I will never forget.

Daddy holding hands with his new son for the first time.

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