Oh my word…it's "Then & Now"

I cannot believe Amy and I went with the “Then & Now” theme this week on i heart faces.  What in the name of all that is holy were we thinking??

A theme where we had to put ourselves (our current selves) into the photo?  *shudder*

What happened was that we were laughing so hard over the young-me-now-me website that we lost all of our brain cells and decided “Hey!  Let’s totally humiliate ourselves for all the world to see.  That’d be a blast!”

We’re idiots.

So, here is my first try of my “then” and my “now.”  Believe it or not, my calves might be less beefy now than they were then.  Look at those chunkers!
Then & Now 1

And my second…even nerdier!…attempt.

The calves might have shrunk.  The thighs?  Not so much.
Then & Now2
(All “now” photos were taken by my 9-year-old daughter, Weslea.  I think I have a budding photographer on my hands!)

I tell you what, I fully expect each and every i heart faces participant to humiliate themselves just as much as I have or else there is going to be one unhappy Angie in the blogoverse!  Get out there and snap your photo already.  As humiliating as it is, it’s pretty stinkin’ hilarious as well.

Now, for the really fun part!  The winner of the beautiful baby sling prop giveaway from the very talented Keri Meyers Photography was….

Brooke from A Thousand Words Photography

Woo-hoo!  Congratulations Brooke.  🙂  Be sure to send me an email and I’ll forward your info to Keri right away.

New Giveaway!!  If you love using texture on your photos as much as I do, be sure to head over to this post to try to win a free set of Textures and Sheer Overlays from Chasing Dreams.   I think you’re going to fall in “photography love”!