Baby Rylee | Northeast Ohio Newborn Photographer

About a month ago, I had the privilege of photographing a sweet little baby girl named Rylee.

Not too many days after that shoot, I began having major computer issues and was barely able to edit photos at all any longer.

Talk about a Photoshop withdrawals!  It wasn’t a pretty sight.  😉

We ended up purchasing a brand new home computer with major memory, huge RAM and everything else a photographer could dream of…

I began the long process of cleaning everything off the old computer and trying to switch everything to the new one…

And very quickly learned just how important it is to know exactly where all of your photography-related purchases are located (in other words…where in the heck did I put all of those Photoshop actions I’ve purchased over the past two years?!)

It truly feels so good to be back in the photo editing game again now!

baby41 baby29

Photographing newborns = One of my favorite things to do!  It’s an amazing way to get my “baby fix” without having to go through pregnancy, labor, delivery, sleepless nights and years and years of raising another child.   Hee!

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