We Have A Jumper!

For Amy and myself, one of the highlights of attending Blissdom this year was that we got to meet one of the i heart faces contributors in person…Mr. B-Dad himself!

We hung out with B-Dad whenever we could, but things were busy the whole week so we really enjoyed the extra time we got to spend with him on the photo walk.

Except for the obnoxious hat he brought along with him, we liked him a bunch!photowalk1

B-Dad loves Michael Howard’s photography style and photographic work.  So, when I happened to look over to see the two of them chatting I decided to catch a few quick shots.

Until something else in the background caught my attention instead.

Ladies and gentlemen…it looks like we’ve got a jumper!

Someone very quickly became the “Star of the Show!”
jumper collage

She followed directions, she turned to the different cameras, she modeled, she posed…and she jumped over and over and over and over again while laughing and having a grand time.

And, she even occasionally fell on her rump for the cameras as well.

And all of this was done while keeping a smile on her face.

Now that’s a woman!