The Story of the Father Daughter Dance

A couple of weeks ago, after being rescheduled three (or maybe even more?) times due to our lovely Ohio weather…the Father Daughter Dance FINALLY arrived.

Weslea was literally almost overcome with excitement.  She waits for this event all year long and it is probably the highlight of her winter.  đź™‚

I tagged along as the 5th wheel on their date so that I could photograph the girls while they were dancing with their daddies.

My hope was to get out of shooting the posed shots.  I hate, hate, hate shooting posed shots.  It’s not my gift and I am not good at it at all.  Plus, there was another photographer there that had a lot more experience with posing.  Unfortunately, when the line of couples began to rope around the building, I was called in to pitch in and help with the posed shots.  Ugh.

What I didn’t realize was that I’d end up being the one who had to edit all of the posed shots (the other photographer doesn’t own an editing program.)

With the sheer amount of photos that had to be edited, I decided to force myself to learn how to use Lightroom (which is supposed to be a lot easier to bulk edit with.)  And fortunately, it is!  As long as the files from your beautiful new amazing camera are compatible with your old version of LR. You guessed it. Mine weren’t.

After spending several days trying to figure out all of the issues between my computer, my new camera and LR, I finally had a chance to actually figure out the LR program…which I now love and adore thanks to Susan Keller’s patient guidance through the 300 panicked emails I sent her way.

Due to the time it took me to learn everything, I decided to edit the photos in B&W.  I personally prefer B&W photos for my home and then I knew that I wouldn’t have to worry about the color issues from the terrible indoor fluorescent lighting as much.  I bulk edited all of the photos and then tweaked each photo individually for some color issues that still popped up.  As you can imagine, this took a tremendous amount of time.

By the time they were finished I was filled with glee that the task was finally accomplished and was thrilled to pass them off to the lady in charge of the dance.

Until I received her phone call about an hour later telling me that “they would much prefer to have all of the photos edited in color instead of B&W.”

I think the person in charge of the dance is a really incredible person, I absolutely, truly do…but at that moment in time I could feel my blood pressure soaring and it was all I could do not to sit down and cry buckets of tears.  Which may (or may not) have been due to the three hours of sleep I had gotten each night for a week while I was trying to edit these photos.

But, since I never seem to be able to say no to anything…I ended up spending three more full days re-editing all of the photos in color.

And I am now happy to report that I can move on to the photos that I love and adore…

The awesome candid shots of the beautiful little girls…and the amazing dads that spent an evening dancing with them.

And of one excited girl who kept popping her face in front of my camera to yell â€śHI MOM!!!!” before she scampered back to dance some more with her daddy.

P.S.  Dads who dance with their daughters at the Father Daughter Dance totally ROCK.  Dads who sit on the bench and talk to other dads while their daughters are dancing….BOO!

I am now going to happily head off to edit more of these little beauties.