Photo Challenge: Dramatic B&W

When Amy and I set the schedule for the upcoming themes for i heart faces, we never seem to take into consideration what kind of photos we actually have on our own computers (why do we do this to ourselves?!)

After going through my files today and finding nada…Will, Weslea and I jumped in the car and took off for “our bridge”…the old, vintage railroad bridge right down the road from us (we like to claim it as “ours.”)

I quickly skimmed through the images I took today and I think that this shot of my darling little gal was my favorite:
IMG_2763-1 - sharp
This image was almost fully edited in Lightroom where I tweaked the contrast and white balance and then added the Rebecca Lily Contempo Black & White preset (thank you Susan Keller for introducing her presets to me!)  If you’ve never tried Lightroom before, you’ve got to head over and download the free beta version RIGHT NOW!  I really and truly am astounded at how easy this program can make the sometimes huge chore of editing become.

{Lightroom is not a sponsor of i heart faces nor do they have any idea who I am.  I’m just giving them a shout-out because I think they have a truly amazing product for photographers to use!}

**As co-founder of heart faces, I’m not eligible to win the photo challenge.  I sure love entering for the fun of it though!**