Photo Challenge: “Hilarious Outtakes”

This week’s theme is “Hilarious Outtakes” which I definitely seem to have an entire arsenal of photos to choose from:

Entry #1:
This photo is an oldie, but a goodie.  This was back in the very beginning months that I had decided I wanted to learn how to improve my photography.  We were in NJ visiting my brother and his wife and I had decided I wanted to take beautiful photos of our family on the beach.

This photo is just the perfect example that even though the setting might be beautiful and wonderful…it still might not be the best place to actually take your photo at.  Lighting is equally (and quite likely even more) important!

I used this photo as an example of Bad Lighting in the photography class I helped teach at Blissdom.  Needless to say, it brought a lot of laughs to the room.  😉

Entry #2:
This is my friend Laurie who you might all know as the amazing Tip Junkie.  Amy, Laurie and I hung out all day Sunday after Blissdom while we were waiting for our flights that wouldn’t leave until that evening.  Does she look like fun to hang out with or what?!?

Entry #3:
My Man (who doesn’t know how NOT to be goofy) acting like a dork while sledding…the sled is actually completely still right there though.  I have about 50 photos I could share in this “series” with a different deliberate goofy look on his face in each one.

Ahhhh…. I’m so proud of my studmuffin!Angie4

Entry #4:
A highlight of Blissdom this year was that I finally got to meet my friend, Jen Johnson, in real life.  She is gorgeous, fun, outgoing and a blast to hang out with.

She will also go to any lengths to get the perfect shot.  That’s my kind of girl!

(This photo was taken during the i heart faces Photo Walk in Nashville.)

Entry #5:
Have you ever ridden somewhere with a busload of excited 5th graders?  That whole experience could be labeled as a “Hilarious Outtake” in and of itself.

Add to that, my son is in an all-boys class.  And I was solely responsible for about 20 of them.
{insert big eyes here}

That said…I would take a group of twenty 5th grade boys any day over a small group of kindergartners.

Yes I would.

To Whom It May Concern:  I’d just like to send out a word of warning to a certain Amy from a blog called Living Locurto.  If anyone happens to see a horrible photo of a certain Angie Arthur on her blog this week, please be sure to let me know right away.  I just happen to have the perfect photo Miss Amy that I can share, but I’d like to save it as blackmail just in case she decides to “feature” me on her site. Bwahahaha!!

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