Enjoying The Game

Basketball has been a huge part of our lives over the past few months, and it’s been a lot of fun to see how all of the kids progressed with their skills this year.  And also to see their unique, individual take on how to play the sport.

Of them all, I’d have to say that our third child, Wyatt’s, approach is the most unique.

Because that boy takes the position of “Defense” very seriously.

And when I say “seriously” I mean that he is literally going to do everything he can possibly can do to make sure that the person he is defending will not have a chance to get anywhere near the ball.

Even if it means that he’ll not really be playing the game of basketball any longer…

No, I’d have to say that it quickly moves from basketball into a full-blown, old-fashioned wrestling match.

As you can see, both he and the boy he was defending think wrestling is much more fun than basketball.

So while I sit in the stands and alternate between extreme embarrassment, hysterical laughter and trying to keep myself from screaming “Wyatt STOP IT RIGHT NOW!”

He has grand fun playing the game of basketball.

Errr….I mean he enjoys playing the game of wrestling…while not playing basketball.

You know what I mean.